Let’s keep this blog Alive.

I decided to do the Thirty Days of Truth blog challenge. Most of the time I am at a lost for topics and inspiration to write. I hope I’d enjoy blogging about the truth.

I’ll keep you posted.



(REBLOG)The Comeback Giveaway!

Disclaimer: the following texts and photos are not mine. This entry was posted for reblogging purposes only to comply in one of the options to earn more points for a giveaway I am joining. Do not copy any of the photos and texts. Please visit http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012/08/kissenmakeup-comeback-giveaway.html for the original entry.
Hello everyone, before I start, I just want to thank all of my followers/readers who continued to support and visit my blog from time to time. It is because of you guys that brought me back to blogging again. I’m actually surprised with the number of blog followers that I’ve gained in the 3 months that I was inactive. Also, I want to express my dearest gratitude to my sponsors for their unrelenting trust in me and my blog.
I dedicated the break that I took to my overall fitness and other personal businesses. My everyday tasks were very demanding that I really can’t do everything simultaneously. It made me give up or take a break from a few things, thus explaining my absence here on the web. It took me some time to adjust and balance everything.
Thankfully, all the blessings, the wisdom and motivating factors made me ready to jump right back into the blogosphere. I won’t be able to promise to be a daily blogger again though. I want to take the pressure off myself as I continue what I started of living life dedicated to productivity and to inspire motivation in others through simple ways. I am trying very hard to be back, so I can share and give back the blessings that I have received.
I’m really hoping for your continuous support on my blog and my other social networking sites through Facebook and Instagram that I continuously update.
For now, here’s my comeback giveaway for you ladies and gents. This is brought to you by Suesh Make-up toolkit, Zen Institute Medical Spa and yours truly!


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UD Mini Speaker w/ QR Codes for Make-up Video Tutorial
Total Value Breakdown $163.20 approximately PHP 7,000
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Well I cannot copy the rafflecopter form so i suggest you visit http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012/08/kissenmakeup-comeback-giveaway.html
I hope You’d enjoy joining the giveaway as much as i did! 🙂
Happy Monday! 🙂

Our own little space.


This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

Ever since the world began for me, I’ve been sharing rooms with my sisters it was not a good idea because the room is always a mess. I know! I know! It’s a shame for us three girls. organizing our things has been a challenge for the three of us. Now I am married and I no longer share a room with them, (actually our old room in our house is empty because we three girls are no longer staying with our parents) I want to organized our (husband and I) little room as much as i can.

When we got married I wanted to have our own house for ourselves but our relatives feel that it is impractical to rent a house, to make it short we ended up living with my in-laws. We stayed in my husbands room and I feel that it was too small for us. Organizing the room  is very challenging because it is a very small room for two with a very big bed and plenty other things (abubot).  Initially I bought 1 big rectangular plastic box to put our other abubot and 1 rectangular smaller box (originally) for my shoes but my shoes don’t fit because it was not meant for it , so it ended up containing our baby’s things. I am not happy with how things are placed and I am planning to re-organized our room furniture, hoping that I could make it more spacious than it is right now by just organizing stuff the right way. I know I will find the best organizers from Howard Storage World and it would be great to win the items for myself. I know this is supposed to be a wardrobe make-over but I do not have a big wardrobe because i can’t afford to have one yet. I know this would help me organized and beautify our own little space. So I am joining the the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂




Last june 19 we celebrated ryle’s third month! Time flies sooo fast! Baby’s soo big and sooo kulit already! I’m not ready yet to go back to work! I wanna be there  when baby experience all his firsts!  I know photos speaks louder than words.. So, indulge!

Baby’s leche flan cake from red ribbon! Super deliciosa!

Momi and baby with went for a ride to get the cake and spag! 🙂 baby loves to go out, i can say because he doesnt do tantrums whenever we’re out! Hihi!

Baby 🙂 super bungisngis, he loves the camera sooo much! Definitely know how to pose!

Baby’s daldalito video… 🙂 oh, the happiness, is priceless!

It’s ou Father’s turn!

Today we give tribute to the best man in our life, our father – tatay, itay, dad, daddy, papa, pa, popsi…
When my husband asked my father for my hand, it was the most terrifying moment for me because I know my tatay is not ready yet to give me away for marriage… All my life I am my tatay’s little girl, eventhough I have sisters I know I am my tatay’s favorite girl. He did not spoiled me, he did not gave me the material things that i wanted, there were times when he did not approved of my decisions. I just know that he wanted the best for me, for my siblings, for our family.
We do not have a good, prosperous life. There were times when we struggle to survive a day. Times when we had to borrow money for our tuition fees, sell some of our stuff to finance some activities. It was not easy but he did not give up on us and we did not doubt his love for us. He was the best father to us. I wouldn’t replace him even if the wealthiest man alive volunteered to take his place. Now that I have my own family, tatay is still there for me,  I am still his darling.

To the greatest man in my life Happy father’s day!

And to the father of my son, Thank you for taking over my tatay’s role of taking care of me and loving me like no other.
I love you so much and I know God gave me you so that tatay wont have to worry about me.

To all the father’s out there as well as the mom’s who took over as dad’s…



Christmas 2010. We were complete!


My two boys! The dadi and the baby!

not so decent update.

It’s been a while guys! Project 365 for me is a failure. 😦

So what made me busy the past few weeks? aside from taking care of the baby, i have been roaming around the streets of makati and ortigas to find a decent job. So the original plan was to take care of the baby but hubby wanted me to work already so, No choice. I’m targeting jobs with commissions, definitely SALES positions, i guess I’m not lucky enough so the second best choice is to go to a call center and get hired. I hope… soon.


So need to go now. Baby is crying. I hope to give you a decent update soon. 🙂


Much love,


Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the tears you’ve cried whenever we are hurt,

To all the pain we’ve caused you during the past years,

To all the heartaches and head aches whenever we disrespect and disobey you,

We are sorry.

To all the sacrifices you’ve made for us seven siblings,

To all the uplifting things you shared to us,

To all the lessons you’ve imparted us,

To all the laughs and the jokes,

We thank you.

I know my siblings would agree when i say that we would not want any other mama to take your place.

We do not have the perfect life… You and tatay never showered us with all the grand things that we want in life

We do not have a perfect family, but one thing is for sure.. We have the best parents in the world!

Thank you mama for just being you… the best mama in the world!

Thank you because now i understand when they say A mother’s love is unconditional  because I am now a mother myself.

Thank you for taking care of me and baby Ryle and for being there  whenever I  need you.

I Love You Ma!

Happy Mother’s day!



And with that I would want to share this with you..

Remember REMI..?

It was an anime aired in ABS CBN channel 2 when i was younger a good few years back…

this is the lyrics of the opening and closing theme song for that show.


Aking Ina, Mahal kong Ina,

Pagmamahal mo aking Ina…

Yakap mo sa akin, hinahanap ko

Init ng pag ibig

kumot ng bunso…

Sa gitna ng pagkakahimbing

Yakap mo ang gigising.


So perfect for mother’s day!