Waiting is never an easy thing– that’s the tagline of our commercial for the launch of our shout-out magazine way back in sophomore year in college. It was actually a group project in our communication skills course in commerce. Truly- it is not an easy thing. Decided to start this entry after 30 minutes of waiting for the fx to arrive here in paseo center parking lot in makati. I’m keeping myself busy by deleting uninstalled applications, downloading new ones, counting yellow cars passing by, and deciding wether to buy a soda or not.
(Shuttle van arrived)
Finally- here I am continuing my post while inside a moving van- I hate that I paid forty pesos yet I feel uncomfortable in my seating position right now. Seldom that I encountered a van that’s not customized to fit 18 people inside for one trip, but you cannot complain take it or leave it! I have my reasons why I chose to ride the shuttle van instead of mrt when the van takes a bigger part of my budget for the day than riding a train. I ‘ts really just a matter of weighing my options- I strongly believe that it is the most convenient for me. the waiting area for the shuttle van is located 3minute-walk away from my work place. The length of the line varies at the time you get to the area usually 7pm is the most crowded time. The fare is quite expensive forty pesos one way expect a ja m-packed van. The worst seat is the one nearest to the right side of the van. It makes me wanna wait for another van whenever it’s the only space left- imagine half of your a*s not seated for. more than an hour.. It’s exasperating.

After two and a half hours from the time I started composing this entry, I’m not home yet because the family watched the ball game with my cousins and brothers as players, and I went straight to the venue. sadly this was their last game they lost- but it’s okay life is not fair- now I’m waiting again to eat dinner- hahaha! It amazes me that. I have come to realize and actually gave a thought about the things that I have waited for at the start of the day-

This morning I waited for ruby inday and bebe to arrived in starbucks to go to southwoods.
I’ve waited for the meeting to be over
I’ve waited for the ride going back to the office
I’ve waited for office to be over
and then the story goes..

The long wait for this entry is over-
I shall eat.

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