last weekend my boyfriend and I watched movies, THOR last Saturday and FAST FIVE last Sunday.

Thor wasn’t planned- He took me out to a movie date because He kept me waiting for him the whole day, i was mad and THOR was his peace offering.

I’ll give THOR a 4 out of Five stars solely because i was entertained! i didn’t got bored- i was laughing most of the movie-time. i didn’t really expect the movie to be like a comedy, i never read reviews before i watched the movie so from the movie title and poster i expected it as a serious action superhero movie.

I went slumber party Saturday night then Sunday- WE (Rj’s dad his brother, his cousin, his Ninong,  rj and yours truly) watched a pay per view screening of PACQUIAO AND MOSLEY FIGHT @ the bar of rj’s cousin in Maria Clara near UST.

I was excited at first but the fight was not really entertaining. Manny won but the fight itself was a big disappointment.

I expected more ACTION!

Sunday was also mother’s day!

I kinda hate myself for not spending the whole Sunday at home. My boyfriend gave my Mama a cake for mother’s day!

How sweet! but it was actually a SUHOL so i can still go out with him and watch FAST FIVE.

The Fast and the Furious 5: Rio Heist

I’m really a big Fan of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS so I’m really excited with fast five!!!

And I’ll give a rate of 5 stars! YEHEY!!!

It was actually exciting and Awesome! Not being biased but the movie was really great! getting the previous characters from the previous movies was a good idea. I really like HAN (from Tokyo drift). The excitement, the action, The fun! I loved it!

I recommend this movie to all you of you dear readers! it’s worthy of your money! 🙂

have you watch these movies yet? whatcha say? 🙂


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