Herman Miller

is a USA brand and manufacturer of furnitures ranges from residential to office systems.  If you are a Designer or an Architect or Project manager for an office, Herman Miller is a familiar brand because it’s everybody’s dream to furnish their office with Herman Miller furnitures because of it’s modern designs and ergonomic furnitures. among it’s classic products are the famous and my personal favorite  AERON CHAIR, EAMES LOUNGE CHAIR, and the MARSHMALLOW SOFA.

Herman Miller is recognized as one of the  MOST ADMIRED companies being on top of the list for furniture companies.

My “infatuation” for furnitures started when i first learned about the amazing and beautiful products of the different brands that my company (CWC GROUP) carry. I worked as an Account Executive in our Herman Miller showroom here in the Philippines. At first i simply couldn’t believe the prices of the furnitures inside our showroom it makes me want to faint- you can buy a car or a macbook pro with just one chair or one system. But as i study the product and use it everyday i know why it’s priced like that. Most people do not understand why it’s priced way higher than the other brands, it’s kind of hard to explain cos most people wont or refused to understand but my product manager told me to put it this way- let’s say you will buy a car there are BMW, MERCEDES, PORSCHE which are very expensive and there goes the Toyota, honda, kia, mitsubishi which are more affordable. The price varies depending on the type of engine and the different parts that goes with it. Of course if it’s a US brand or German or Italian or French brand, it is priced higher than Asian brands which is the reality not just for cars or furnitures.


Someday i would want to see my own house furnished with Herman Miller furnitures. That would be my investment. as for now i know i need to work hard and find more people who shares the same passion and love for Herman Miller and for other furniture brands as well. My goal is to buy my very own AERON CHAIR. I used one in our Office and i assure you the comfort it gives especially to people who work long hours seating.

and this is me with my aeron chair. 🙂

in our Herman Miller Showroom

this photo was taken last year with my office mate and friend tina- she’s no longer connected with the company though-

and my hair was really long here. 🙂

Kindly visit us and try our Herman Miller chairs :

Herman Miller Showroom

Mezzanine, Citibank Center  

8741 PAseo de Roxas MAkati City


Call us at 817-0864 817-0886

or visit  our websites:




so- what furniture are you into right now?


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