What a wonderful way to start my Birth month!

It’s TOP SHOP, TOP MAN, DOROTHY PERKINS & WAREHOUSE‘s End of season sale starting tomorrow,

1st of July til the end of this month July 31, 2011

It’s a month long sale but you definitely don’t want to wait til the chic-est and loveliest clothes are off the racks!

Up to 50% off on selected items!


I’m saving up for my g12 and for the make-up workshop that i’m going to attend. So i guess i’ll miss this end of season sale.










15 years of BO’S COFFEE

It all started from dreaming of sharing his coffee experience to the rest of the world. Mr. Steve D. Benitez, President and CEO of Bo’s coffee opened his very first store in Ayala Center Cebu in June 28,1996. 15 years after, they have a total of 49 branches all over the country and the 50th branch will open soon.

As they celebrate their 15 years of giving quality products and excellent service to the Filipino people they launched their 15 and 50 promo!

15 and 50 promo

They will be accepting 2 promo items per transaction to accommodate everybody.

Promo runs from June 28-july 21, 2011 only

So what are you waiting for?

Visit any Bo’s coffee branch near you!

visit their website:

and like their facebook page

Do you deserve a design of the decade?

I want and deserve one!

How about you?

Visit Herman Miller face book page or click on the photo below.

In 25 words or less tell us why you would like and AERON.

Want to purchase an Aeron chair? Visit the Herman Miller Showroom

Mezzanine, Citibank Center

8741 Paseo de Roxas Makati City

call us at 817-08 64 or 817-0886

Inquire Now!

One fine day for ranting.

Forgive me for not updating my blog. i’ve been really busy with work lately hoping for an increase in productivity because i feel that i’m not being productive. I’ve been working for 11 months for the company. One more month- and i’m a year old with them.

The weather this past few days invited the LAZY side of me,, i couldn’t resist my bed so i always lie down and sleep after a few minutes of eating- i know it’s bad, but that’s what ive been doing for the past months. Tropical Storm FALCON triggered the ONDOY tragedy so everybody was scared but more PREPARED this time around. Last night we packed all our important things in our ground floor and transferred them in our second floor. We are assuming that the flood wont get that high- Ondoy is our basis. Thank God FALCON is out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility.. I pray for those in Northern and Central Luzon because they will still experience heavy rain as Falcon goes away..

As of this moment, I’m enjoying the cool breeze, bed weather. 🙂 writing my mind out- I just have one wish- a cup of coffee with that one special guy in my life. later- i hope..

I’m also still exploring WordPress. i find it hard to edit my layout because i feel that it’s limited, I am used to changing my layout by adding codes rearranging html’s and CSS but i cannot simply do that here, i have to upgrade my account and it’s not free. I envy my friend Isabelle, visit urban dai to know why. 🙂 hahaha! Anyway I’ve come up with a good header (i think?) l’m not really that satisfied but- i can live with it for now.. I’m also thinking of moving my personal blog here since i find it hard to update- So- I don’t know.  :p

I find it hard to squeeze my creative juices maybe i need to take a break and find more inspiration.

I blame the stress.. hahah! (may ma-sisi’ lang)

i’ll leave you with this video. LSS much this past week ❤

Enjoy the bed weather everyone! and have a great weekend! 🙂

Fun obsession- Heima :)

The first time i learned about this Furniture shop was when they tied up with Tricia Gosingtian for Bayo (clothing brand). I instantly love it’s soft girly feel because it’s all floral and eye-friendly colors..

One day, a girl from Heim Interiors called my office and asked for a quotation for a wallpaper they need for their shop, I couldn’t forget it because i said to the girl.. “you’re from heim interior as in heima the furniture shop with bayo?” It was embarassing but hell, i got really excited. Hahahaha! Since then I followed their tumblr and I frequently visit their website, I really love their femme designs 🙂 and it’s a lot cheaper than what I sell, I am more likely to buy their furnitures :0 ha-ha-ha! It’s so artistic I can’t help but spend almost 2 to 4 hours browsing their website over and over again. kinda obsessed. 🙂

Here are my top 3 Picks.


Twiggy Sofa

I love green & pink. it’s such a nice combination i’d probably put this inside the bedroom 🙂 yee!


Ms. Librarian

First thing in my mind? Library cards!! Never had the chance to use one.



Marcus Crates in Green

I’m a big fan of books, so this will be very useful. if i’d buy 2 more in diff colors, i could use it as a divider 🙂 wacha think?


Please visit Heim Interiors website


follow them on twitter and tumblr. 🙂

and like them on Facebook 🙂

Visit their stores:

sketch grabbed from


Thank you Heima! you have no idea how you inspire people with your artsy,fun,and femme furniture. 🙂 I’d definitely recommend your store to all my friends 🙂

CWC Interiors in Real Living June 2011

Check out our SERENDRA Showroom- the CWC INTERIORS in the June 2011 Issue of Real Living Magazine.

You will see some Eames Designer Chair in that feature which i blogged prior to this entry (click here to read previous entry).

CWC Interiors is the newest Showroom of CWC Group of Companies catering mostly on Hospitality and residential clients. For inquiries, you can call them at 659-6449 or visit CWC Interiors Showroom to try and see for yourself our products; It is located at the 2nd floor, Serendra Retail, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City Taguig.

here is a scan of the feature on Real Living

Credits to the Real Living Magazine for this feature.  Kindly visit their website

eye candy

Introducing the Eames Molded Plastic Chair in Pink. The color is a limited edition and was released earlier this year..

I want to have one for my room, not just because it’s girly but because it’s a Herman Miller product. ❤ (Vitra brand also carry Eames designer chairs).

Eames molded plastic chairs are multi-purpose chairs, you can placed wherever you want. May it be your dining, you garden, your study chair for residential-

for schools can be in cafeterias or classrooms, for offices can be your side chair, guest chair, pantry chair.. etc. 🙂

The Eames Molded plastic chair comes in different colors.

You can choose between side chair or armchair or it can be upholstered seat and back. It also comes in different bases.. from R-WIRE BASE, WOODEN BASE, X-BASE AND LAFONDA BASE. Combination is plausible,.

and it also has a Rocker base 🙂

Eames Molded plastic chairs in Action.

I do not claim any copyright to any materials used in this entry. Credits to all the owners.

for more info on how to purchase an eames molded plastic chair,

call me. ❤ my office number is 817-0864