Fun obsession- Heima :)

The first time i learned about this Furniture shop was when they tied up with Tricia Gosingtian for Bayo (clothing brand). I instantly love it’s soft girly feel because it’s all floral and eye-friendly colors..

One day, a girl from Heim Interiors called my office and asked for a quotation for a wallpaper they need for their shop, I couldn’t forget it because i said to the girl.. “you’re from heim interior as in heima the furniture shop with bayo?” It was embarassing but hell, i got really excited. Hahahaha! Since then I followed their tumblr and I frequently visit their website, I really love their femme designs 🙂 and it’s a lot cheaper than what I sell, I am more likely to buy their furnitures :0 ha-ha-ha! It’s so artistic I can’t help but spend almost 2 to 4 hours browsing their website over and over again. kinda obsessed. 🙂

Here are my top 3 Picks.


Twiggy Sofa

I love green & pink. it’s such a nice combination i’d probably put this inside the bedroom 🙂 yee!


Ms. Librarian

First thing in my mind? Library cards!! Never had the chance to use one.



Marcus Crates in Green

I’m a big fan of books, so this will be very useful. if i’d buy 2 more in diff colors, i could use it as a divider 🙂 wacha think?


Please visit Heim Interiors website


follow them on twitter and tumblr. 🙂

and like them on Facebook 🙂

Visit their stores:

sketch grabbed from


Thank you Heima! you have no idea how you inspire people with your artsy,fun,and femme furniture. 🙂 I’d definitely recommend your store to all my friends 🙂


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