SAYL (Read as S-A-L-E)

The newest chair from Herman Miller designed by the famous Yves Béhar. The design of the SAYL is inspired by suspension bridges. hmmm.. interesting?!

Yves Behar in SAYL's Singapore Launch


The frame-less back gives the user a free range movement and the 3D Material for the suspension back gives a cool feeling. (

(this is not mine, got this photo from the net. Credits to the owner. thanks so much)

I’m so excited to sell this chair because it’s not like the classical design for chairs- its unique look gives a room a different sense of style- modern. I’m also curious at how Yves Behar came up with this idea. I found a very good entry that gives us a brief discussion on the creation of the SAYL CHAIR please read here.

SAYL chair was released early this year but just a few weeks ago, the demo of the colored SAYL chairs arrived here in the showroom, 🙂

Also available in this color:











Everyone’s excited to take their picture with these beautiful chairs,  I on the other hand waited til everyone’s out of the office- haha! shy type! :”)

Sayl chair also has side chairs 🙂 take a look at this:

And an upholstered version 🙂

and we have this in a beautiful violet fabric 🙂

But you see, the technology is in the 3D suspension back material of the chair which makes it so special, so i don’t want to offer my clients the upholstered version as much as possible, unless they asked for it.

I used this chair to see or feel for myself how amazing this chair is-

It’s TRUE! the 3D suspension back support is super comfy and it’s airy. keeping my back cool all the time. I love it now more than ever..

So guys what are you waiting for? If you want to own this chair call me at 817-0864 OR 817-0886 We have stocks in red and black 3d suspension back, cmown you guys! i’ll be waiting for your calls! ❤






i just love this photo.

From Sydney launch of the award winning chair.


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