Just own the night like the 5th of July. :)

Today is the second to the last day of my birth month, and this is a Great month, definitely my Power month.

I would just like to share some of the highlights of my month! ❤ so read on…

(disclaimer: all photos used here are my own unless stated otherwise.)

July 5, 2011: My twelfth birthday! 🙂 i feel so young, young at heart!

Dulce de Leche cake from Red Ribbon my favorite ❤

Red satchel bag from Mags 🙂

My boyfriend’s gift for me ❤ i love it so much that i use it everyday, but i don’t want to wear it off easily..


I’ve been searching for a perfect pair of shoes to buy for my birthday, and i found it.. Jeffrey Campbell’s LITA shoes is actually what i wanted, but as we all know it’s a bit pricey, so i search online for a great pair but i hesitated because i dont know if it fits right or if it looks good on me.. finally i dropped by the Jelly bean store in trinoma and i was able to get this!

denim suede shoes from jelly bean ❤

Actually boyfriend payed for this so, he gave me another gift. how sweet. :”)

showing off my shoes.. 🙂


The arrival of the SAYL chair to the office is just as exciting as my shoe purchase because it added a fun ambiance to the showroom 🙂

Blue Red Green. the suspenison-bridge-inspired chair by Yves Behar is ❤


Catching up with friends 🙂

credits to: Nicola Roa for this photo

at central Madison Boni 🙂 haven’t seen my friends for a long time-

Some moments were not captured in pictures but those are the very precious times of this month, like my shopping with my sister- have not done that for the longest time.. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows last part movie ; My closed deal for 12 herman miller chairs in an instant is an achievement for me. Quality time with my family always tops the list. I thank God for another Year that he gave me. I saw my medical results the day before yesterday and Thank God it’s all normal. I am healthy. I know good things happen not only during the month of July but all the months of the year- and I am thankful for that- we all should be thankful for all the blessings and exciting moments that happens to us.

So what are the things or the moments that you enjoyed the past month?


4 thoughts on “Just own the night like the 5th of July. :)

  1. I love the shoes. looks really fab! may I know how much you bought it for? Trinoma is a bit far from my place so I’d really appreciate if you could give me the price range before I go there 🙂 i hope it’s ok with you though..

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