The year that was!

So much drama, Thank you 2011 for being such a wonderful year, full of Life lessons.

Thank you Lord God for teaching me a lot the past year, hoping for a better year this 2012..

Looking forward to the birth of My Angel and hopefully to Blog more! PROJECT 365 count me in!


Cheers to all!





Just my Luck?

I’m simply not the luckiest lady in the world when it comes to raffles and giveaways. Even if they say that pregnant women are usually very lucky, i’m simply not winner material.. (i think) After spending almost 4 hours of online window shopping i checked out one of the blogs i followed for some good read, and even though i know for a fact that i wont win it- i just want to join the Style and Soul‘s 2012 Welcome Giveaway!

so here’s how to join:

Step 1: You must be a follower of Style and Soul on Google Friend Connect
Step 2: Like Style and Soul on Facebook
Step 3: Blog about this giveaway (send me a link)
Step 4: Place the required details on the comment box and follow the sample entry provided.

Cool and fab prizes awaits The Lucky Winner!

visit this link to read more about the Giveaway! and add Style and Soul on your daily reads. ❤

Style and Soul 2012 Welcome Giveaway!


Cheers to us!


Noche Buena.

Few hours to go before noche buena, frst Christmas Eve with my husband, first time to spend it away from family. I have to admit, I’m really homesick. 😦 i miss my whole family so much, I cant believe i cried during mass because i prayed to God that even if our family wont be spending noche buena together, I hope we’re all safe and happy. To the best men in my life, Tatay boy, Kuya Thon and Kuya Al.. I wish you all safety happiness and good health please take care of yourselves, we miss you… To my sister Mary and nephew Joshua, I hope you are having a blast (it’s also the first time their spending christmas eve away from family). To my Mama, sister anj and brother Ba, I miss you sooo much, knowing that you guys are 8-peso away from me makes me wanna go home.

So much for crying- Let’s not forget the true reason for this season, The birth of our Jesus Christ… I pray not only for the victims of typhoon Sendong but also for all who is suffering and in pain. I hope you find peace in your heart.

I now leave you with this nice song, a cover by Filipina International singer Charice…

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Holiday break starts now.

Today marks my first official holiday vacation, No office from today til the 4th of January 🙂 (I will surely miss this when i resign from my job this coming year). Last night I went out on a surprise date with my husband, We ate dinner at Sumo Sam greenbelt 3, we both ordered donburi, i forgot the exact name, mine got squids and beef for my hubby. WOW! it was really heavy and sarap but it is also nakakaumay.

after dinner we watched a movie,  IMMORTALS. We’ve been wanting to watch it but we simply don’t have the time to do so, not until last night. It was a so-so movie, i think we just expected too much.. more action.. it was not a WOW movie, but it’s not that bad. We got home 12mn, such a long drive to get home..

I woke up this morning crying, as in tears running down my cheeks. I usually forget my dreams when i wake up but my dream today was so babaw and funny that it’s stuck in my head. okay, i dont really want to share the events before the funny thing because it’s too sensitive.., bottom line is i felt bad about something and then there’s a scene with me and my mom eating together, two different kind of adobo, one was pork adobo and the other one was fish adobo.. my mom put them together in one bowl and i was like  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I’M EATING THE PORK ADOBO AND YOU’RE EATING THE FISH ADOBO, WHY DID YOU PUT THEM TOGETHER IN ONE BOWL???? AND THEN I CRIED.

I told hubby about my dream and he laughed at me like a mad man.

Now, i cant wait to share this story with my mom and sister, i miss them so much… since i got married we barely see each other. I now live with my husband and i’m still adjusting. I’m so glad that i’m going out today with them to do the grocery.. I hate the idea that i wont be spending Christmas eve with my mom, it got even worse when i realized that my eldest sister now lives with her boyfriend, my 2 older brothers and my dad are abroad, and me, lives with my husband. So it will just be mama, anj and bra for the Christmas eve, the very thought of it made me cry, i want to spend my christmas eve with them, Mama told me they would probably order pizza and pasta for noche buena, it made me sad because we always cook something for noche buena, even when we have nothing in our pockets God provides us so we can cook and share something for noche buena.. Mama loves to cook and i know it wont be the same if  she will just order. I dont know if i’m just really dramatic but this is making me sad.. and cry.

Now, this entry just made me sad, time to get ready to bond with mama and anj.

I’ll post another one when i get back. ❤


back from hibernation

Finally! our own wi-fi connection after waiting for sooo looonnng!

anyway this is just a quick entry because i feel like this site is dying. I will be updating soon for my Christmas Vacation will start on thursday! yey! and will be back to office by January 5, 2012. 🙂 hooray!

I owe you a lot of story, forgive me… will be back soon ❤

Happy 20! ❤