Noche Buena.

Few hours to go before noche buena, frst Christmas Eve with my husband, first time to spend it away from family. I have to admit, I’m really homesick. 😦 i miss my whole family so much, I cant believe i cried during mass because i prayed to God that even if our family wont be spending noche buena together, I hope we’re all safe and happy. To the best men in my life, Tatay boy, Kuya Thon and Kuya Al.. I wish you all safety happiness and good health please take care of yourselves, we miss you… To my sister Mary and nephew Joshua, I hope you are having a blast (it’s also the first time their spending christmas eve away from family). To my Mama, sister anj and brother Ba, I miss you sooo much, knowing that you guys are 8-peso away from me makes me wanna go home.

So much for crying- Let’s not forget the true reason for this season, The birth of our Jesus Christ… I pray not only for the victims of typhoon Sendong but also for all who is suffering and in pain. I hope you find peace in your heart.

I now leave you with this nice song, a cover by Filipina International singer Charice…

Happy Christmas Everyone!


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