Saturday feel good music.

I’ve been absorbed by my work load for the past few days because i will be leaving the showroom soon. For real. Come Monday marks my last week in the showroom. I am so excited but sad at the same time. I’m going to be bumming for a while and i do not have any sure Work from home job as of this writing so i dont know how i will survive the next few weeks.. considering the fact that I’m gonna give birth in a few months.

As of now, ive been preparing myself reading and gathering information regarding SSS voluntary contribution because i want to get that maternity benefit from SSS. Reading forums for legit WFH websites, checking emails for updates regarding my WFH applications…

It’s actually stressful good thing i’m listening to my favorite music artists and i want to share with you this video..

Bamboo is one of my favorite artist in the industry,,

this photo was taken way back 2006 in a GK concert in Mall Of Asia.

I hate to say this but i’m such a fan girl. I was there in front of the stage when bamboo performed he’s just a foot or two away from me when i took these. (*reminiscing good times.)

I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend.


back to blogging.

I know i need to post at least one entry a day, i never thought i’d be so exhausted everyday after office that i never have the chance to blog. In the mean time i will try my best to post every weekend and be faithful to my project 365.

I love eating, I always make it to a point that whenever i eat, I eat my heart out. I don’t stop eating unless i’m full. Sometimes i feel bad because i think i’m committing gluttony. Eating has always been my favorite hobby because i don’t gain wait even if i eat like it’s my last.  When i started working I noticed that i am gaining weight little by little.. and it got worst when i got pregnant. From my usual weight which is 90-95 lbs. I am now 140lbs as of this writing. The doctor said to go on diet.. but I just don’t know how.. 😦

I want to share with you my food last week.. from my favorite restaurants, Pancake house and North park.. and Fastfood, Mcdonalds. 🙂

I am not a very good food blogger so.. just indulge on the pictures. 🙂

Pancake house 🙂 I love their classic spaghetti.. as always, i dont usually get the regular, i always get the large serving which i think is just good for 1 person.

Vanilla never fails. 🙂

North Park’s Chow mien, This lasted til dinner time.. This is sooo delicious i can die.

This yang chow fried rice is good for 2 pax..

I actually loved this one, reminds me of chowking’s orange chicken.. small serving but worth the money.

The Lemon in my fresh lemonade. 🙂

My two most favorite food in mcdo.. Mc spaghetti and burger mcdo 🙂

I hope to get a hold of myself and start my diet as soon as possible.. so help me God.


Would like to share with you this interesting movie from released last 2009.

The story is about a girl from Harlem kicked out of school because she’s pregnant. She enrolled in an alternative school were she learned to read, write and tell her stories.

I loved how much she’s willing to learn for her kids. She’s young, but she experienced a lot. Life was hard but she managed to survived.

I say you grab a copy of this movie and see for yourself how good it is.



I missed blogging yesterday just because i’m super sick and wasn’t able to think at all. Back to the hospital yesterday because my stomach is not cooperating and i was really worried about my baby. Good thing the doctor said I’m not gonna have a premature labor, blame stress for my stomach pains. I was not allowed to use the computer actually and watch too much TV but i need to blog and i need to work.  My doctor said to not climb up and down the stairs the problem is we have a 2-storey house and my room is on the second floor. So now I’m bed-ridden, eat inside the room, pee inside the room (using a potty) if i can take a bath inside the room and poop inside the room, I’ll do it! I thank God for giving me such a loving and caring husband, he skipped office just to take care of me. ❤

breakfast in bed prepared by hubby. ❤

Hubby in Capitol MC with me yesterday.. so lucky to have you! :*

My hubby’s a little upset as of this very moment because as i said, i’m not allowed to use the computer but i badly want to update. So now I need to go and will ask for your prayers. Thank you!

Bakasyon Grande

It’s the last day of my holiday vacation, back to work tomorrow.. a first for the year. I loved the idea of our company giving their employees their much needed holiday break. 🙂 I will definitely miss this one when i resign cos i know not all companies offer a 2 week vacation leave with pay during the holiday season. today being the last day is rest day for me. just surfing the internet listening to classical music for my baby and reading blogs. I originally wanted to pamper myself and go get a foot spa, mani-pedi combo cos i need one but i’m so into reading blogs now and i have nobody to go to the spa parlor with.


I’m blog hopping and reading articles online since early this morning so I want to share with you an interesting article i found earlier.

Originally posted here

Homes with amzing Staircases.

photo credits to:

“Space saving is the inspiration for a bookcase staircase in an attic apartment that occupies part of the top floor of an existing Victorian mansion in London. “We created a ‘secret’ staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights,”  

I love the idea of “space saving” If only i have my own house.. I will definitely put the idea on mind.

photo credits to:

“Some staircases are visually appealing and fun, allowing people to get from point A to point B playfully, like this one that has a slide alongside the staircase.” 

I’m sure my future babies would love to have something like this at home..

very playful indeed.

There are other amazing featured staircases, read more here.

Anyway I’m back to the Adato residence for now just because my hubby’s schedule is still under negotiation with the management and my mom specifically requested before the wedding if i can stay home until hubby started working during daytime.

so i’m here again in the comfort of my own room. i miss my bed it’s a good thing that they did not get rid of it..

Gawd, i miss this room! and i hate that I need to wake up early tomorrow!