Day 2: Project 365

Today I went to Capitol Medical Center for my laboratory examinations, CBC and Urine Culture. My white blood cells are too high and my OB-gyne is really worried because she doesn’t know where the infection is coming. At first it was because of my urine.. but after 3 or 4 tests my urine got normal but my WBC continue to shoot higher.. I was referred to a hematologist and they advise me to take an antibiotic   and go back to have my blood examine again… I must tell you I’m afraid of needles. I’m not the kind who cries but i got really tense.. There was a time when i got used to it because ive been asked to have my blood examine for like 3 consecutive times and i said to myself that it is good because i’m conquering my fear. But today, after a few weeks, I had it taken again and WOW i thought i’d die. But I’m happy that I’m still alive. 🙂 yey!

It’s the first time that they got the blood from my left arm, usually they get it from the right.. :s

I spent the afternoon shopping with my sister. She wanted to buy things for herself but ended up buying just one piece of clothing.. after hours of finding the perfect pair of shoes, she got tired and just gave up on it. Although i got really exhausted and my feet hurts like hell i thank God for the time that we spent together. I miss it, i miss her a lot.

Tomorrow would be my last day of holiday vacation, Back to work again on Thursday. Few more weeks and I’m officially resigned.

Must apply for a Work from home job before the month ends. O God help me! ❤


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