I missed blogging yesterday just because i’m super sick and wasn’t able to think at all. Back to the hospital yesterday because my stomach is not cooperating and i was really worried about my baby. Good thing the doctor said I’m not gonna have a premature labor, blame stress for my stomach pains. I was not allowed to use the computer actually and watch too much TV but i need to blog and i need to work.  My doctor said to not climb up and down the stairs the problem is we have a 2-storey house and my room is on the second floor. So now I’m bed-ridden, eat inside the room, pee inside the room (using a potty) if i can take a bath inside the room and poop inside the room, I’ll do it! I thank God for giving me such a loving and caring husband, he skipped office just to take care of me. ❤

breakfast in bed prepared by hubby. ❤

Hubby in Capitol MC with me yesterday.. so lucky to have you! :*

My hubby’s a little upset as of this very moment because as i said, i’m not allowed to use the computer but i badly want to update. So now I need to go and will ask for your prayers. Thank you!


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