Saturday feel good music.

I’ve been absorbed by my work load for the past few days because i will be leaving the showroom soon. For real. Come Monday marks my last week in the showroom. I am so excited but sad at the same time. I’m going to be bumming for a while and i do not have any sure Work from home job as of this writing so i dont know how i will survive the next few weeks.. considering the fact that I’m gonna give birth in a few months.

As of now, ive been preparing myself reading and gathering information regarding SSS voluntary contribution because i want to get that maternity benefit from SSS. Reading forums for legit WFH websites, checking emails for updates regarding my WFH applications…

It’s actually stressful good thing i’m listening to my favorite music artists and i want to share with you this video..

Bamboo is one of my favorite artist in the industry,,

this photo was taken way back 2006 in a GK concert in Mall Of Asia.

I hate to say this but i’m such a fan girl. I was there in front of the stage when bamboo performed he’s just a foot or two away from me when i took these. (*reminiscing good times.)

I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend.


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