Some call it Tuesday, happy couples call it Valentines day.. I am in a happy relationship but i still call it a Tuesday simply because honey is away for work and wont be back til tomorrow. Today i am face to face with my lappy and holding hands with my mouse (funny because they do not have any hand at all). During those times that i do not have a date during this day i always make it a point to spend time with my family.. and since i am not living under the same roof with them anymore.. I celebrated vday with my new family, my husband’s family. Even though I am still adjusting, I am happy that I’m not alone today. Last night was an emo night because i reminisced last year’s valentines day, how my then boyfriend (now hubby) and I spent the day. I was frustrated because we were not able to spend it extra special this year. Aside from the fact that he wont be here today, we are also saving money for my forthcoming delivery; and I know how my hubby feels now that i am not working and i don’t have any source of income, plus the fact that I wasn’t able to save money. It worries him. I am worried too. But I lifted up everything to God because I know He has better plans. He never fails, when He said He will provide. I want to end this entry by saying that God is Love, during the hard times when you know you are with Him you will never feel unloved. And I know it is during this day that many are feeling that they are unloved and that they are not special. Think of God we are all special in His eyes. We will always be Loved.

Random picture of me and my Ex-boyfriend- now Husband. sometime in 2011.


To all of us, Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love.


I apologize for the hibernation. will get back to blogging soon! 🙂


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