Catwalk ready!

I do not usually buy online because I was not satisfied with the things I purchased then. I’ve been very careful most especially when it comes to make-up, as a buyer, I research, read more, and follow my prospect online seller so as to observe and convince myself that they are trustworthy and that i wont be disappointed when i purchased something from them. Recently, I bought a set of Personal Make-up brushes and a palette of eyeshadow from one of the hottest make-up artist of today Ms. Marj Sia. If you are into make-up, fashion and beauty most probably you are familiar with her. She has an online shop called Catwalk Cosmetics which carry make-ups and wigs. She also hold make-up workshops which I’m really interested in joining but due to my pregnancy, I will have to wait til the mid year I hope she will have a scheduled workshop by then.

Some says it is not advisable to apply makeup when you are pregnant because most make-up contain ingredients which are harmful for the baby. But stubborn as I am, and as to look good and feel good, I still wear make-up whenever I go to work (before… because I’m unemployed now) and whenever I go out for lunch or dinner dates, shopping, and just unwinding.

I am really after a good set of make-up brushes, I’ve been eyeing on a lot of online shops but I always get those complete professional brush set which I don’t really need and if there are personal make-up brushes- good quality comes with a price so I was really hesitant in buying those sets. When I saw CC’s post regarding their personal makeup brushes, I did not hesitate to email Ms. Marj and immediately bought one set.

This costs Php 380 only, the material is synthetic- very soft brushes I’m so glad i got one! you can choose from Pink + violet, gold+beige, and gold+copper. obviously I got the Pink and Violet tandem.

I am also interested in purchasing the Runway palette but it was not available as of that moment, good thing she showed me this Smoky Eyeshadow compact which I really like!

You can have this Sophia Milano Eye shadow Compact for only 280 pesos.

I’m really excited to try this out, but as of the moment I’m still into the Barbie-Doll-look so I’m using the brown and earth-tone shades.


If you want one kindly check out Catwalk Cosmetics’ Fan Page on how to purchase.

To know more about Ms. Marj Sia visit her blog:


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