father and son

father and son

My two boys!

I love you both! ❤


First time eveeeeer!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I do love joining giveaways, online contests, promos, raffles, i even try my luck with lotto but I’m just not lucky enough to win. After years of joining I just felt tired and refrained from entering any giveaway whatsoever because there’s no point… It’s not meant to be.

When i resigned from my job to be able to get a good rest and get ready to be a mother, there were times that i got bored. I go online almost 8 to 12 hours a day and facebook apps, twitter, tumblr, and other social networking sites just became another boring thing to do. I am lucky that I’m fond of reading. Visiting beauty blogs has become a habit and I gave “joining giveaways” another try. I joined giveaways that did not require too much, like stating why i want to win, or blog about why i should win;  re-posting something or liking a page and following an account is fine with me.

I came across a blog giveaway that required the easiest way to join. That is Project Vanity’s Asian Secrets Giveaway last February.I simply registered my name email address and contact number to a google doc. I actually forgot about the giveaway, then I received an email (which i didn’t read right away) it stated that i was one of the lucky winners of an Asian Secrets package! I did not believe what i just read and search for the entry that stated the names of the winner and TA-DA! my name was the first on that list. 🙂

here is the link of that entry: http://www.projectvanity.com/projectvanity/2012/2/14/week-2-winners-of-my-asian-secrets-giveaway.html

screen cap from projectvanity.com


I am soooo happy I immediately asked permission from my husband if i can go out and claim my loot! 🙂 It was one of the happiest day of my life!


I am so happy and satisfied with my loot.  I’ve been reading and getting word-of-mouth reviews from friends that Asian Secrets are really great products. One friend revealed that she uses it to get rid of stretch marks!!! and- IT IS REALLY EFFECTIVE! It’s so timely because i worry too much about  the stretchmarks that my pregnancy brought me. Well, I just have to see it for myself. I am not using any of these products yet because of my pregnancy BUT the good news is baby will come out anytime soon… I’m even more excited now knowing that I can finally use my Asian secrets body scrub and soap!


Thank you again to Ms. Liz of projectvanity.com her sponsors, and Asian Secrets! 🙂

Add projectvanity.com to your daily reads and Like Asian secrets on Facebook!


Kikaysimaria x makeupbyAnaPatricia x Shimmerjjang Summer Giveaway!

I’ve been entering giveaways ever since I resigned from my job about a month or two ago. Honestly, out of boredom and to know if “preggy ladies are usually lucky.” I never won any single giveaway in my life… not until i entered project vanity‘s Asian Secrets Giveaway last February (imma do another entry regarding that). Now I’m joining another giveaway and I really pray that I am lucky enough to win this one. 🙂

Let me share with you kikaysimaria, makeupbyanapatricia and shimmerjjang‘s


I am fond of make-ups, I adore them. I also patronize local make-up artist and beauty gurus because I see in them the things I would want myself to be doing. I have a different path to take as of now, as how things are going in my life and I feel good whenever I read about these beauty/fashion and make-up gurus because I can see that they are really good at what they are doing considering their age. I just love reading and reading their blogs, their insights, know more about all things kikay and femme and beautiful.

You can save yourself from boredom by following them and you might just get a bonus price like this SUMMER GIVEAWAY!

They’re really generous!

Here’s the link on how to join:


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Purchased a couple of accessories from Carriedo few weeks ago with my Mom and Sister.  I was glad I was able to walk around because it really is good and very helpful when I go into labor.  I had a checkup the following day and the doctor said “it’s” open by 1cm. I associated it with walking the day before.. So now i must walk and walk and walk in order for the opening to get bigger and bigger.  I am so excited and so ready (but a bit scared) for all the responsibilities ahead but i know hubbby and I can handle it cos God will never ever give you something that you cannot handle.

I’m on for another walking exercise.. so i gotta go now!