First time eveeeeer!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I do love joining giveaways, online contests, promos, raffles, i even try my luck with lotto but I’m just not lucky enough to win. After years of joining I just felt tired and refrained from entering any giveaway whatsoever because there’s no point… It’s not meant to be.

When i resigned from my job to be able to get a good rest and get ready to be a mother, there were times that i got bored. I go online almost 8 to 12 hours a day and facebook apps, twitter, tumblr, and other social networking sites just became another boring thing to do. I am lucky that I’m fond of reading. Visiting beauty blogs has become a habit and I gave “joining giveaways” another try. I joined giveaways that did not require too much, like stating why i want to win, or blog about why i should win;  re-posting something or liking a page and following an account is fine with me.

I came across a blog giveaway that required the easiest way to join. That is Project Vanity’s Asian Secrets Giveaway last February.I simply registered my name email address and contact number to a google doc. I actually forgot about the giveaway, then I received an email (which i didn’t read right away) it stated that i was one of the lucky winners of an Asian Secrets package! I did not believe what i just read and search for the entry that stated the names of the winner and TA-DA! my name was the first on that list. 🙂

here is the link of that entry:

screen cap from


I am soooo happy I immediately asked permission from my husband if i can go out and claim my loot! 🙂 It was one of the happiest day of my life!


I am so happy and satisfied with my loot.  I’ve been reading and getting word-of-mouth reviews from friends that Asian Secrets are really great products. One friend revealed that she uses it to get rid of stretch marks!!! and- IT IS REALLY EFFECTIVE! It’s so timely because i worry too much about  the stretchmarks that my pregnancy brought me. Well, I just have to see it for myself. I am not using any of these products yet because of my pregnancy BUT the good news is baby will come out anytime soon… I’m even more excited now knowing that I can finally use my Asian secrets body scrub and soap!


Thank you again to Ms. Liz of her sponsors, and Asian Secrets! 🙂

Add to your daily reads and Like Asian secrets on Facebook!



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