Kikaysimaria x makeupbyAnaPatricia x Shimmerjjang Summer Giveaway!

I’ve been entering giveaways ever since I resigned from my job about a month or two ago. Honestly, out of boredom and to know if “preggy ladies are usually lucky.” I never won any single giveaway in my life… not until i entered project vanity‘s Asian Secrets Giveaway last February (imma do another entry regarding that). Now I’m joining another giveaway and I really pray that I am lucky enough to win this one. 🙂

Let me share with you kikaysimaria, makeupbyanapatricia and shimmerjjang‘s


I am fond of make-ups, I adore them. I also patronize local make-up artist and beauty gurus because I see in them the things I would want myself to be doing. I have a different path to take as of now, as how things are going in my life and I feel good whenever I read about these beauty/fashion and make-up gurus because I can see that they are really good at what they are doing considering their age. I just love reading and reading their blogs, their insights, know more about all things kikay and femme and beautiful.

You can save yourself from boredom by following them and you might just get a bonus price like this SUMMER GIVEAWAY!

They’re really generous!

Here’s the link on how to join:

Join and win fabulous prizes!

You may also want to visit:




and add them to your daily reads.



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