Project skinny

Forgive me for not frequently posting I know I took a vow for project 365 but being a mother is way too hard for me to adjust, not to mention the sleep deprivation and endless bonding moment with my baby . I created an online portal for my son, I chose to create a blog instead of facebook account because I want it to be different from the rest of the world. I am also planning my baby’s christening so you can just imagine all the stuff that i have to do.

As for myself, I am enjoying being a mother to my son Ryle. I am working on my diet plan and project skinny  for this year doing this for myself and for my husband as well. Hihihi!

My inspiration?

photo credits to Mo twister's twitter account

My Favorite VS Model is a hot momma! wife to Orlando Bloom and a mother to Flynn.


If she can, I can! (whoa that’s the spirit!)


**Baby’s sleeping so i should grab a sleep too. ’til next post!



Yugatech & BlackBerry dare you to BE BOLD

I dared myself to post these photos on Facebook and finally let the whole world know that I already have a baby! 🙂

It wasn’t an easy move because I am the kind of person who always think of what other people will say about me (being young , got pregnant and all the drama that goes with it). Aside from my family and my closest friends, nobody else knows (i think) that I was pregnant and finally gave birth last march 19. I am so proud of having a super cute, normal, and healthy baby boy and I can’t help but share this to the world.  Turns out a lot of those people who doesn’t know are genuinely happy for me.





This is my official entry to Yuga-tech and blackberry dare you to be BOLD contest.