(REBLOG)The Comeback Giveaway!

Disclaimer: the following texts and photos are not mine. This entry was posted for reblogging purposes only to comply in one of the options to earn more points for a giveaway I am joining. Do not copy any of the photos and texts. Please visit http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012/08/kissenmakeup-comeback-giveaway.html for the original entry.
Hello everyone, before I start, I just want to thank all of my followers/readers who continued to support and visit my blog from time to time. It is because of you guys that brought me back to blogging again. I’m actually surprised with the number of blog followers that I’ve gained in the 3 months that I was inactive. Also, I want to express my dearest gratitude to my sponsors for their unrelenting trust in me and my blog.
I dedicated the break that I took to my overall fitness and other personal businesses. My everyday tasks were very demanding that I really can’t do everything simultaneously. It made me give up or take a break from a few things, thus explaining my absence here on the web. It took me some time to adjust and balance everything.
Thankfully, all the blessings, the wisdom and motivating factors made me ready to jump right back into the blogosphere. I won’t be able to promise to be a daily blogger again though. I want to take the pressure off myself as I continue what I started of living life dedicated to productivity and to inspire motivation in others through simple ways. I am trying very hard to be back, so I can share and give back the blessings that I have received.
I’m really hoping for your continuous support on my blog and my other social networking sites through Facebook and Instagram that I continuously update.
For now, here’s my comeback giveaway for you ladies and gents. This is brought to you by Suesh Make-up toolkit, Zen Institute Medical Spa and yours truly!


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There are Seven Lucky Winners that will be picked to win these Fantabulous Prizes!

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Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4 – PHP 3,000
Urban Decay Lash Kit – PHP 800
Zen Institute Gift Voucher – PHP 5,000
There will be another Five Winners, each will receive a
Suesh Goody Bag
Zen Institute Voucher worth PHP 5,000 each
Here are the Prizes!
Suesh- 18PCS Brush Set with retail price of PHP 3,000
Urban Decay Box of Shadows 4 – Limited edition
16 UD Eyeshadows 
1 UD Liquid Eyeliner
1 UD Primer Potion

1 Supercurl Mascara 
UD Mini Speaker w/ QR Codes for Make-up Video Tutorial
Total Value Breakdown $163.20 approximately PHP 7,000
Urban Decay Lash Kit includes-
Faux Lashes, 24/7 Black eyeliner, UD Mascara
Five Suesh Nail Kits
Five Suesh Velour Puff Lolly and Foundation Roller
Seven Zen Institute Medical Spa Vouchers 
Just Fill-up the Form below and get a chance to win these Fab Prizes!
Well I cannot copy the rafflecopter form so i suggest you visit http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012/08/kissenmakeup-comeback-giveaway.html
I hope You’d enjoy joining the giveaway as much as i did! 🙂
Happy Monday! 🙂


Purchased a couple of accessories from Carriedo few weeks ago with my Mom and Sister.  I was glad I was able to walk around because it really is good and very helpful when I go into labor.  I had a checkup the following day and the doctor said “it’s” open by 1cm. I associated it with walking the day before.. So now i must walk and walk and walk in order for the opening to get bigger and bigger.  I am so excited and so ready (but a bit scared) for all the responsibilities ahead but i know hubbby and I can handle it cos God will never ever give you something that you cannot handle.

I’m on for another walking exercise.. so i gotta go now!

Catwalk ready!

I do not usually buy online because I was not satisfied with the things I purchased then. I’ve been very careful most especially when it comes to make-up, as a buyer, I research, read more, and follow my prospect online seller so as to observe and convince myself that they are trustworthy and that i wont be disappointed when i purchased something from them. Recently, I bought a set of Personal Make-up brushes and a palette of eyeshadow from one of the hottest make-up artist of today Ms. Marj Sia. If you are into make-up, fashion and beauty most probably you are familiar with her. She has an online shop called Catwalk Cosmetics which carry make-ups and wigs. She also hold make-up workshops which I’m really interested in joining but due to my pregnancy, I will have to wait til the mid year I hope she will have a scheduled workshop by then.

Some says it is not advisable to apply makeup when you are pregnant because most make-up contain ingredients which are harmful for the baby. But stubborn as I am, and as to look good and feel good, I still wear make-up whenever I go to work (before… because I’m unemployed now) and whenever I go out for lunch or dinner dates, shopping, and just unwinding.

I am really after a good set of make-up brushes, I’ve been eyeing on a lot of online shops but I always get those complete professional brush set which I don’t really need and if there are personal make-up brushes- good quality comes with a price so I was really hesitant in buying those sets. When I saw CC’s post regarding their personal makeup brushes, I did not hesitate to email Ms. Marj and immediately bought one set.

This costs Php 380 only, the material is synthetic- very soft brushes I’m so glad i got one! you can choose from Pink + violet, gold+beige, and gold+copper. obviously I got the Pink and Violet tandem.

I am also interested in purchasing the Runway palette but it was not available as of that moment, good thing she showed me this Smoky Eyeshadow compact which I really like!

You can have this Sophia Milano Eye shadow Compact for only 280 pesos.

I’m really excited to try this out, but as of the moment I’m still into the Barbie-Doll-look so I’m using the brown and earth-tone shades.


If you want one kindly check out Catwalk Cosmetics’ Fan Page on how to purchase.

To know more about Ms. Marj Sia visit her blog: marjsia.com

Project Three Hundred Sixty Five.

One of my resolutions for the year is to update my blog regularly, and what better way to do it than to join project 365. I read about it from the wordpress mail the other day and i made a commitment to myself that i will have 365 entries (1 each day) as much as possible for this 2012. I was supposed to start yesterday but 1st of January is a very busy day for me and the whole ADATO Clan because of our annual New year’s day party so today marks the first day of my own project 365. 😉

I would like to share with you my most recent make-up purchase. ❤

Let me start with the Lipsticks.

 I recently found out about Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick collection thru my favorite make-up artist  Ana Victorino, she blogged about them here. Being a sucker for lipsticks I immediately purchase my first EB matte lipstick the PINK FLAME.  Even though i know that wearing lipsticks are bad for pregnant women i brushed the idea off of my head and gave the excuse that I wont be using them all the time. (oh-i am so bad!)

then i bought another one in MAUVEY it’s more of a skin tone shade, doesnt look that good on me though so im thinking of giving it to my sister…

Now let’s go to the eyes. I’m starting to love putting eye shadows in a daily basis.. it makes me feel good whenever i wear one, but i can’t find the perfect palette. I’m saving up for a nicer one  🙂 i’m eyeing smashbox’s masquerade palette and still looking for one here in my area.. luckily i still have my DIOR Fall Ready to wear palette. But what i wear whenever i dont use eyeshadows is a good kind of black eyeliner to define my eyes. I got mine from AVON ever since, I love their retractable eyeliner in blackest black. ❤

For my face, I bought Maybelline New York’s Clear smooth all in one foundation Shine free cake powder as an alternative to my Prestige Wet/Dry foundation. Which is okay because the latter is rather expensive but is really a good product! but maybelline is not bad at all and very affordable.

I usually don’t wear lip balms cos i take care of my lips by putting petroleum jelly at night before i sleep, but how cute this one could be..

My husband’s cousin gave this to me. So cute and yummy! (ha-ha!)

That’s what Ive been obsessing right now.. 🙂 will start to buy make up again this year probably after I give birth so there would be no restrictions.. To be honest, I felt that I need to be very beautiful at this stage of my life because I think and feel that I’m really ugly because I’m pregnant and I don’t want hubby looking for another girl 🙂 so there!

Again, Happy New Year everyone and I’m hoping to be faithful to this project 365!


I just bought a new camera so expect more photo blog from me. ❤

oh my Satchel dreams

Satchels are really IN nowadays, you probably catch a television feature or a magazine feature of different satchels from the most expensive to the cheapest.. and since i’m deciding whether to buy one-.. I present to you my very own feature. 🙂

Cambridge Satchel

I am a bag lover- i used to be, i stopped obsessing on bags when i enter college because there were other stuff that i’m obsessing at that time it’s kinda expensive to be obsessed with a lot of material things at the same time- so i have to give up one or two obsessions.. i love shoes more so i gave up my bag obsession. But when i saw the Cambridge satchel in Green, Navy Blue and Violet i fell in love with them- even more so when i saw it in fluorescent Green and fluorescent pink i was like *_* 🙂

Cambridge satchels are available in CHOCOLATE SCHUBAR branches in Manila

Price starts from Php 5,799 for the 11″ ; Php5,999 for 13″; Php 6,199 for the 14″; Php 6,299 for the 15″;

I dropped by schu trinoma last week but they don’t have stocks for the fluorescent green i left my number for updates 🙂

visit the official website of Cambridge satchel here

The School of Satchel

When i buy my stuff, i make sure i get the most out of what I paid for..  KURIPOT as I am, I’m so happy My friend Isabelle (urbandai.wordpress.com) blogged about satchels- (you can read her entry For the love of Satchel here ) i found out about The School of Satchel– they offer a more affordable satchel for us girls. 🙂 for a limited color, not BAD. I am more to purchase The SOS products than the Cambridge satchels.. 🙂 Price is really a great factor for most of us buyers. 🙂

S.O.S. products are available in Heima Stores in Cubao and Makati 🙂

you can read this: WHAT MAKES S.O.S. SPECIAL entry from The School of Satchel’s multiply site. 🙂

Prices are:  for the 11″ Php 3,500 ; for 13″ Php 4,200; for the 15″ Php 5100;

Yesterday, i saw a satchel bag tagged in one of my friends from fb, I immediately click the Photo to see how much the satchels are, you can try visiting the album SATCHELS TO LOVE here is the screen capture of KISSAHOLIC SHOP’S page.
Price for 11″ satchel is Php 1950
Price for 13″ satchel is Php 2450
Prices are exclusive of shipping fee.. for QC residents.. additional Php 70.
They also offer striped and two-toned satchels.
i also find these BKK’s interesting…
please visit their facebook page here.
I’m never a fan of online shopping,  My first time i bought an animal print top which looked good in the website but when it was delivered it looked so different.. – i never wear it, it’s quite a long time and i don’t know where i put it.
Second time, i bought a mascara- when i finally got it and opened it- the smell was like a spoiled milk. I throw it immediately.. what a waste of money- I tried to work things out with the seller but i just got so impatient and let it go.
BUT it wouldn’t hurt to try online shopping again..  I think Kissaholic Shop is kind of a legit online Seller. I’ll try to purchase one of their bags soon..
I cant wait to get my hands on my very own satchel… SOON.