Our own little space.


This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

Ever since the world began for me, I’ve been sharing rooms with my sisters it was not a good idea because the room is always a mess. I know! I know! It’s a shame for us three girls. organizing our things has been a challenge for the three of us. Now I am married and I no longer share a room with them, (actually our old room in our house is empty because we three girls are no longer staying with our parents) I want to organized our (husband and I) little room as much as i can.

When we got married I wanted to have our own house for ourselves but our relatives feel that it is impractical to rent a house, to make it short we ended up living with my in-laws. We stayed in my husbands room and I feel that it was too small for us. Organizing the room  is very challenging because it is a very small room for two with a very big bed and plenty other things (abubot).  Initially I bought 1 big rectangular plastic box to put our other abubot and 1 rectangular smaller box (originally) for my shoes but my shoes don’t fit because it was not meant for it , so it ended up containing our baby’s things. I am not happy with how things are placed and I am planning to re-organized our room furniture, hoping that I could make it more spacious than it is right now by just organizing stuff the right way. I know I will find the best organizers from Howard Storage World and it would be great to win the items for myself. I know this is supposed to be a wardrobe make-over but I do not have a big wardrobe because i can’t afford to have one yet. I know this would help me organized and beautify our own little space. So I am joining the the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂




Bakasyon Grande

It’s the last day of my holiday vacation, back to work tomorrow.. a first for the year. I loved the idea of our company giving their employees their much needed holiday break. 🙂 I will definitely miss this one when i resign cos i know not all companies offer a 2 week vacation leave with pay during the holiday season. today being the last day is rest day for me. just surfing the internet listening to classical music for my baby and reading blogs. I originally wanted to pamper myself and go get a foot spa, mani-pedi combo cos i need one but i’m so into reading blogs now and i have nobody to go to the spa parlor with.


I’m blog hopping and reading articles online since early this morning so I want to share with you an interesting article i found earlier.

Originally posted here

Homes with amzing Staircases.

photo credits to: http://l.yimg.com/cv/ip/re/gr2/f_bookcase_v2.jpg

“Space saving is the inspiration for a bookcase staircase in an attic apartment that occupies part of the top floor of an existing Victorian mansion in London. “We created a ‘secret’ staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights,”  

I love the idea of “space saving” If only i have my own house.. I will definitely put the idea on mind.

photo credits to: http://l.yimg.com/cv/ip/re/gr2/f_stairslide_v2.jpg

“Some staircases are visually appealing and fun, allowing people to get from point A to point B playfully, like this one that has a slide alongside the staircase.” 

I’m sure my future babies would love to have something like this at home..

very playful indeed.

There are other amazing featured staircases, read more here.

Anyway I’m back to the Adato residence for now just because my hubby’s schedule is still under negotiation with the management and my mom specifically requested before the wedding if i can stay home until hubby started working during daytime.

so i’m here again in the comfort of my own room. i miss my bed it’s a good thing that they did not get rid of it..

Gawd, i miss this room! and i hate that I need to wake up early tomorrow!

SAYL (Read as S-A-L-E)

The newest chair from Herman Miller designed by the famous Yves Béhar. The design of the SAYL is inspired by suspension bridges. hmmm.. interesting?!

Yves Behar in SAYL's Singapore Launch


The frame-less back gives the user a free range movement and the 3D Material for the suspension back gives a cool feeling. (http://www.hermanmillerasia.com/Product/SAYL-Chairs).

(this is not mine, got this photo from the net. Credits to the owner. thanks so much)

I’m so excited to sell this chair because it’s not like the classical design for chairs- its unique look gives a room a different sense of style- modern. I’m also curious at how Yves Behar came up with this idea. I found a very good entry that gives us a brief discussion on the creation of the SAYL CHAIR please read here.

SAYL chair was released early this year but just a few weeks ago, the demo of the colored SAYL chairs arrived here in the showroom, 🙂

Also available in this color:











Everyone’s excited to take their picture with these beautiful chairs,  I on the other hand waited til everyone’s out of the office- haha! shy type! :”)

Sayl chair also has side chairs 🙂 take a look at this:

And an upholstered version 🙂

and we have this in a beautiful violet fabric 🙂

But you see, the technology is in the 3D suspension back material of the chair which makes it so special, so i don’t want to offer my clients the upholstered version as much as possible, unless they asked for it.

I used this chair to see or feel for myself how amazing this chair is-

It’s TRUE! the 3D suspension back support is super comfy and it’s airy. keeping my back cool all the time. I love it now more than ever..

So guys what are you waiting for? If you want to own this chair call me at 817-0864 OR 817-0886 We have stocks in red and black 3d suspension back, cmown you guys! i’ll be waiting for your calls! ❤






i just love this photo.

From Sydney launch of the award winning chair.

Do you deserve a design of the decade?

I want and deserve one!

How about you?

Visit Herman Miller face book page or click on the photo below.

In 25 words or less tell us why you would like and AERON.

Want to purchase an Aeron chair? Visit the Herman Miller Showroom

Mezzanine, Citibank Center

8741 Paseo de Roxas Makati City

call us at 817-08 64 or 817-0886

Inquire Now!

Fun obsession- Heima :)

The first time i learned about this Furniture shop was when they tied up with Tricia Gosingtian for Bayo (clothing brand). I instantly love it’s soft girly feel because it’s all floral and eye-friendly colors..

One day, a girl from Heim Interiors called my office and asked for a quotation for a wallpaper they need for their shop, I couldn’t forget it because i said to the girl.. “you’re from heim interior as in heima the furniture shop with bayo?” It was embarassing but hell, i got really excited. Hahahaha! Since then I followed their tumblr and I frequently visit their website, I really love their femme designs 🙂 and it’s a lot cheaper than what I sell, I am more likely to buy their furnitures :0 ha-ha-ha! It’s so artistic I can’t help but spend almost 2 to 4 hours browsing their website over and over again. kinda obsessed. 🙂

Here are my top 3 Picks.


Twiggy Sofa

I love green & pink. it’s such a nice combination i’d probably put this inside the bedroom 🙂 yee!


Ms. Librarian

First thing in my mind? Library cards!! Never had the chance to use one.



Marcus Crates in Green

I’m a big fan of books, so this will be very useful. if i’d buy 2 more in diff colors, i could use it as a divider 🙂 wacha think?


Please visit Heim Interiors website www.heimastore.com


follow them on twitter and tumblr. 🙂

and like them on Facebook 🙂

Visit their stores:

sketch grabbed from http://www.heimastore.com/stores/


Thank you Heima! you have no idea how you inspire people with your artsy,fun,and femme furniture. 🙂 I’d definitely recommend your store to all my friends 🙂

CWC Interiors in Real Living June 2011

Check out our SERENDRA Showroom- the CWC INTERIORS in the June 2011 Issue of Real Living Magazine.

You will see some Eames Designer Chair in that feature which i blogged prior to this entry (click here to read previous entry).

CWC Interiors is the newest Showroom of CWC Group of Companies catering mostly on Hospitality and residential clients. For inquiries, you can call them at 659-6449 or visit CWC Interiors Showroom to try and see for yourself our products; It is located at the 2nd floor, Serendra Retail, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City Taguig.

here is a scan of the feature on Real Living

Credits to the Real Living Magazine for this feature.  Kindly visit their website realliving.com.ph

eye candy

Introducing the Eames Molded Plastic Chair in Pink. The color is a limited edition and was released earlier this year..

I want to have one for my room, not just because it’s girly but because it’s a Herman Miller product. ❤ (Vitra brand also carry Eames designer chairs).

Eames molded plastic chairs are multi-purpose chairs, you can placed wherever you want. May it be your dining, you garden, your study chair for residential-

for schools can be in cafeterias or classrooms, for offices can be your side chair, guest chair, pantry chair.. etc. 🙂

The Eames Molded plastic chair comes in different colors.

You can choose between side chair or armchair or it can be upholstered seat and back. It also comes in different bases.. from R-WIRE BASE, WOODEN BASE, X-BASE AND LAFONDA BASE. Combination is plausible,.

and it also has a Rocker base 🙂

Eames Molded plastic chairs in Action.

I do not claim any copyright to any materials used in this entry. Credits to all the owners.

for more info on how to purchase an eames molded plastic chair,

call me. ❤ my office number is 817-0864