Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the tears you’ve cried whenever we are hurt,

To all the pain we’ve caused you during the past years,

To all the heartaches and head aches whenever we disrespect and disobey you,

We are sorry.

To all the sacrifices you’ve made for us seven siblings,

To all the uplifting things you shared to us,

To all the lessons you’ve imparted us,

To all the laughs and the jokes,

We thank you.

I know my siblings would agree when i say that we would not want any other mama to take your place.

We do not have the perfect life… You and tatay never showered us with all the grand things that we want in life

We do not have a perfect family, but one thing is for sure.. We have the best parents in the world!

Thank you mama for just being you… the best mama in the world!

Thank you because now i understand when they say A mother’s love is unconditional  because I am now a mother myself.

Thank you for taking care of me and baby Ryle and for being there  whenever I  need you.

I Love You Ma!

Happy Mother’s day!



And with that I would want to share this with you..

Remember REMI..?

It was an anime aired in ABS CBN channel 2 when i was younger a good few years back…

this is the lyrics of the opening and closing theme song for that show.


Aking Ina, Mahal kong Ina,

Pagmamahal mo aking Ina…

Yakap mo sa akin, hinahanap ko

Init ng pag ibig

kumot ng bunso…

Sa gitna ng pagkakahimbing

Yakap mo ang gigising.


So perfect for mother’s day!


Project skinny

Forgive me for not frequently posting I know I took a vow for project 365 but being a mother is way too hard for me to adjust, not to mention the sleep deprivation and endless bonding moment with my baby . I created an online portal for my son, I chose to create a blog instead of facebook account because I want it to be different from the rest of the world. I am also planning my baby’s christening so you can just imagine all the stuff that i have to do.

As for myself, I am enjoying being a mother to my son Ryle. I am working on my diet plan and project skinny  for this year doing this for myself and for my husband as well. Hihihi!

My inspiration?

photo credits to Mo twister's twitter account

My Favorite VS Model is a hot momma! wife to Orlando Bloom and a mother to Flynn.


If she can, I can! (whoa that’s the spirit!)


**Baby’s sleeping so i should grab a sleep too. ’til next post!



Purchased a couple of accessories from Carriedo few weeks ago with my Mom and Sister.  I was glad I was able to walk around because it really is good and very helpful when I go into labor.  I had a checkup the following day and the doctor said “it’s” open by 1cm. I associated it with walking the day before.. So now i must walk and walk and walk in order for the opening to get bigger and bigger.  I am so excited and so ready (but a bit scared) for all the responsibilities ahead but i know hubbby and I can handle it cos God will never ever give you something that you cannot handle.

I’m on for another walking exercise.. so i gotta go now!


Some call it Tuesday, happy couples call it Valentines day.. I am in a happy relationship but i still call it a Tuesday simply because honey is away for work and wont be back til tomorrow. Today i am face to face with my lappy and holding hands with my mouse (funny because they do not have any hand at all). During those times that i do not have a date during this day i always make it a point to spend time with my family.. and since i am not living under the same roof with them anymore.. I celebrated vday with my new family, my husband’s family. Even though I am still adjusting, I am happy that I’m not alone today. Last night was an emo night because i reminisced last year’s valentines day, how my then boyfriend (now hubby) and I spent the day. I was frustrated because we were not able to spend it extra special this year. Aside from the fact that he wont be here today, we are also saving money for my forthcoming delivery; and I know how my hubby feels now that i am not working and i don’t have any source of income, plus the fact that I wasn’t able to save money. It worries him. I am worried too. But I lifted up everything to God because I know He has better plans. He never fails, when He said He will provide. I want to end this entry by saying that God is Love, during the hard times when you know you are with Him you will never feel unloved. And I know it is during this day that many are feeling that they are unloved and that they are not special. Think of God we are all special in His eyes. We will always be Loved.

Random picture of me and my Ex-boyfriend- now Husband. sometime in 2011.


To all of us, Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love.


I apologize for the hibernation. will get back to blogging soon! 🙂

Saturday feel good music.

I’ve been absorbed by my work load for the past few days because i will be leaving the showroom soon. For real. Come Monday marks my last week in the showroom. I am so excited but sad at the same time. I’m going to be bumming for a while and i do not have any sure Work from home job as of this writing so i dont know how i will survive the next few weeks.. considering the fact that I’m gonna give birth in a few months.

As of now, ive been preparing myself reading and gathering information regarding SSS voluntary contribution because i want to get that maternity benefit from SSS. Reading forums for legit WFH websites, checking emails for updates regarding my WFH applications…

It’s actually stressful good thing i’m listening to my favorite music artists and i want to share with you this video..

Bamboo is one of my favorite artist in the industry,,

this photo was taken way back 2006 in a GK concert in Mall Of Asia.

I hate to say this but i’m such a fan girl. I was there in front of the stage when bamboo performed he’s just a foot or two away from me when i took these. (*reminiscing good times.)

I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend.

back to blogging.

I know i need to post at least one entry a day, i never thought i’d be so exhausted everyday after office that i never have the chance to blog. In the mean time i will try my best to post every weekend and be faithful to my project 365.

I love eating, I always make it to a point that whenever i eat, I eat my heart out. I don’t stop eating unless i’m full. Sometimes i feel bad because i think i’m committing gluttony. Eating has always been my favorite hobby because i don’t gain wait even if i eat like it’s my last.  When i started working I noticed that i am gaining weight little by little.. and it got worst when i got pregnant. From my usual weight which is 90-95 lbs. I am now 140lbs as of this writing. The doctor said to go on diet.. but I just don’t know how.. 😦

I want to share with you my food last week.. from my favorite restaurants, Pancake house and North park.. and Fastfood, Mcdonalds. 🙂

I am not a very good food blogger so.. just indulge on the pictures. 🙂

Pancake house 🙂 I love their classic spaghetti.. as always, i dont usually get the regular, i always get the large serving which i think is just good for 1 person.

Vanilla never fails. 🙂

North Park’s Chow mien, This lasted til dinner time.. This is sooo delicious i can die.

This yang chow fried rice is good for 2 pax..

I actually loved this one, reminds me of chowking’s orange chicken.. small serving but worth the money.

The Lemon in my fresh lemonade. 🙂

My two most favorite food in mcdo.. Mc spaghetti and burger mcdo 🙂

I hope to get a hold of myself and start my diet as soon as possible.. so help me God.