Let’s keep this blog Alive.

I decided to do the Thirty Days of Truth blog challenge. Most of the time I am at a lost for topics and inspiration to write. I hope I’d enjoy blogging about the truth.

I’ll keep you posted.




Last june 19 we celebrated ryle’s third month! Time flies sooo fast! Baby’s soo big and sooo kulit already! I’m not ready yet to go back to work! I wanna be there  when baby experience all his firsts!  I know photos speaks louder than words.. So, indulge!

Baby’s leche flan cake from red ribbon! Super deliciosa!

Momi and baby with went for a ride to get the cake and spag! 🙂 baby loves to go out, i can say because he doesnt do tantrums whenever we’re out! Hihi!

Baby 🙂 super bungisngis, he loves the camera sooo much! Definitely know how to pose!

Baby’s daldalito video… 🙂 oh, the happiness, is priceless!

It’s ou Father’s turn!

Today we give tribute to the best man in our life, our father – tatay, itay, dad, daddy, papa, pa, popsi…
When my husband asked my father for my hand, it was the most terrifying moment for me because I know my tatay is not ready yet to give me away for marriage… All my life I am my tatay’s little girl, eventhough I have sisters I know I am my tatay’s favorite girl. He did not spoiled me, he did not gave me the material things that i wanted, there were times when he did not approved of my decisions. I just know that he wanted the best for me, for my siblings, for our family.
We do not have a good, prosperous life. There were times when we struggle to survive a day. Times when we had to borrow money for our tuition fees, sell some of our stuff to finance some activities. It was not easy but he did not give up on us and we did not doubt his love for us. He was the best father to us. I wouldn’t replace him even if the wealthiest man alive volunteered to take his place. Now that I have my own family, tatay is still there for me,  I am still his darling.

To the greatest man in my life Happy father’s day!

And to the father of my son, Thank you for taking over my tatay’s role of taking care of me and loving me like no other.
I love you so much and I know God gave me you so that tatay wont have to worry about me.

To all the father’s out there as well as the mom’s who took over as dad’s…



Christmas 2010. We were complete!


My two boys! The dadi and the baby!

not so decent update.

It’s been a while guys! Project 365 for me is a failure. 😦

So what made me busy the past few weeks? aside from taking care of the baby, i have been roaming around the streets of makati and ortigas to find a decent job. So the original plan was to take care of the baby but hubby wanted me to work already so, No choice. I’m targeting jobs with commissions, definitely SALES positions, i guess I’m not lucky enough so the second best choice is to go to a call center and get hired. I hope… soon.


So need to go now. Baby is crying. I hope to give you a decent update soon. 🙂


Much love,


so long,

nobody knows what i’m up to this past few weeks, i’m preparing something BIG and IMPORTANT as much as i want to blog about it- i shouldn’t and i have to stay away from my blogs in order not to write about it.

so it’s still a big big surprise! i myself can’t wait for next month.. there are a lot of ups and downs that i want to vent out but


I also want to take this opportunity to thank those people who helped my friend Isabelle of URBANDAI win a spot in Nokia and Elle’s search for the next style correspondent, she’s in NYC right now together wiht the other 7 finalist for the New York Fashion Week! please visit her blog and find out more about her adventures.. 🙂


Watched Harry Potter 7 Yesterday morning with my boyfriend, his cousin and his cousin’s boyfriend.

I am one of those fanatics of the books and movies. I must say that this last movie was the one which made me cry the hardest.

For me, the highlight was the story of Snape, yes! Professor Severus Snape. I dont want to give too much details so please watch the movie and find out for yourself why.

Just like everyone else, HP has become a part of my life, books and movies that i look forward to.. We grew together- I will miss HP! but i know i can always watch the movies and read the books over and over again.

HP will always be my favorite! may it be books or movies!

Thank you JK Rowling, for the magic.! It will live in every hp fanatics’ hearts forever.