(REBLOG)The Comeback Giveaway!

Disclaimer: the following texts and photos are not mine. This entry was posted for reblogging purposes only to comply in one of the options to earn more points for a giveaway I am joining. Do not copy any of the photos and texts. Please visit http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012/08/kissenmakeup-comeback-giveaway.html for the original entry.
Hello everyone, before I start, I just want to thank all of my followers/readers who continued to support and visit my blog from time to time. It is because of you guys that brought me back to blogging again. I’m actually surprised with the number of blog followers that I’ve gained in the 3 months that I was inactive. Also, I want to express my dearest gratitude to my sponsors for their unrelenting trust in me and my blog.
I dedicated the break that I took to my overall fitness and other personal businesses. My everyday tasks were very demanding that I really can’t do everything simultaneously. It made me give up or take a break from a few things, thus explaining my absence here on the web. It took me some time to adjust and balance everything.
Thankfully, all the blessings, the wisdom and motivating factors made me ready to jump right back into the blogosphere. I won’t be able to promise to be a daily blogger again though. I want to take the pressure off myself as I continue what I started of living life dedicated to productivity and to inspire motivation in others through simple ways. I am trying very hard to be back, so I can share and give back the blessings that I have received.
I’m really hoping for your continuous support on my blog and my other social networking sites through Facebook and Instagram that I continuously update.
For now, here’s my comeback giveaway for you ladies and gents. This is brought to you by Suesh Make-up toolkit, Zen Institute Medical Spa and yours truly!


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There are Seven Lucky Winners that will be picked to win these Fantabulous Prizes!

First Winner

Suesh 18PCS Make-up Brush – PHP 3,000
Urban Decay Lash Kit – PHP 800
Zen Institute Gift Voucher – PHP 5,000
Second Winner
Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4 – PHP 3,000
Urban Decay Lash Kit – PHP 800
Zen Institute Gift Voucher – PHP 5,000
There will be another Five Winners, each will receive a
Suesh Goody Bag
Zen Institute Voucher worth PHP 5,000 each
Here are the Prizes!
Suesh- 18PCS Brush Set with retail price of PHP 3,000
Urban Decay Box of Shadows 4 – Limited edition
16 UD Eyeshadows 
1 UD Liquid Eyeliner
1 UD Primer Potion

1 Supercurl Mascara 
UD Mini Speaker w/ QR Codes for Make-up Video Tutorial
Total Value Breakdown $163.20 approximately PHP 7,000
Urban Decay Lash Kit includes-
Faux Lashes, 24/7 Black eyeliner, UD Mascara
Five Suesh Nail Kits
Five Suesh Velour Puff Lolly and Foundation Roller
Seven Zen Institute Medical Spa Vouchers 
Just Fill-up the Form below and get a chance to win these Fab Prizes!
Well I cannot copy the rafflecopter form so i suggest you visit http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/2012/08/kissenmakeup-comeback-giveaway.html
I hope You’d enjoy joining the giveaway as much as i did! 🙂
Happy Monday! 🙂