Our own little space.


This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

Ever since the world began for me, I’ve been sharing rooms with my sisters it was not a good idea because the room is always a mess. I know! I know! It’s a shame for us three girls. organizing our things has been a challenge for the three of us. Now I am married and I no longer share a room with them, (actually our old room in our house is empty because we three girls are no longer staying with our parents) I want to organized our (husband and I) little room as much as i can.

When we got married I wanted to have our own house for ourselves but our relatives feel that it is impractical to rent a house, to make it short we ended up living with my in-laws. We stayed in my husbands room and I feel that it was too small for us. Organizing the room  is very challenging because it is a very small room for two with a very big bed and plenty other things (abubot).  Initially I bought 1 big rectangular plastic box to put our other abubot and 1 rectangular smaller box (originally) for my shoes but my shoes don’t fit because it was not meant for it , so it ended up containing our baby’s things. I am not happy with how things are placed and I am planning to re-organized our room furniture, hoping that I could make it more spacious than it is right now by just organizing stuff the right way. I know I will find the best organizers from Howard Storage World and it would be great to win the items for myself. I know this is supposed to be a wardrobe make-over but I do not have a big wardrobe because i can’t afford to have one yet. I know this would help me organized and beautify our own little space. So I am joining the the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂