Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the tears you’ve cried whenever we are hurt,

To all the pain we’ve caused you during the past years,

To all the heartaches and head aches whenever we disrespect and disobey you,

We are sorry.

To all the sacrifices you’ve made for us seven siblings,

To all the uplifting things you shared to us,

To all the lessons you’ve imparted us,

To all the laughs and the jokes,

We thank you.

I know my siblings would agree when i say that we would not want any other mama to take your place.

We do not have the perfect life… You and tatay never showered us with all the grand things that we want in life

We do not have a perfect family, but one thing is for sure.. We have the best parents in the world!

Thank you mama for just being you… the best mama in the world!

Thank you because now i understand when they say A mother’s love is unconditional  because I am now a mother myself.

Thank you for taking care of me and baby Ryle and for being there  whenever I  need you.

I Love You Ma!

Happy Mother’s day!



And with that I would want to share this with you..

Remember REMI..?

It was an anime aired in ABS CBN channel 2 when i was younger a good few years back…

this is the lyrics of the opening and closing theme song for that show.


Aking Ina, Mahal kong Ina,

Pagmamahal mo aking Ina…

Yakap mo sa akin, hinahanap ko

Init ng pag ibig

kumot ng bunso…

Sa gitna ng pagkakahimbing

Yakap mo ang gigising.


So perfect for mother’s day!